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Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

The phrase "Reduce - Reuse - Recycle" have been around for quite a few years as a sort of "mantra" for thinking about how we use goods and resources and how we need to be wise stewards of the resources provided to us. The leadership team within the Eupan Global Initiative is considering various avenues through which we can effect both local and global change. In the suburbs of Oklahoma City is an old "Route 66" town known as Bethany. Bethany offers trash service two days per week - but has no recycling efforts. In fact, in our experience, trying to recycle is actually a difficult task because recycling services are very limited in the entire city of Oklahoma City. The Eupan leadership team is making plans to start with our local community to effect and change the way *this* local community trashes the environment. It seems likely to us that the local city governance could change one of the two trash days into a recycling day. In this way, the ci