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Access to clean water

What goes through your mind when you reach for the water faucet at home? If I am getting a drink, I'm usually thinking about how good it is going to taste. If I am cleaning something in the house, I always know that the most versatile cleaning agent is within a few feet of me. If I'm starting a load of laundry, I'm usually thinking about how I don not enjoy doing my laundry. But really, do thoughts of war, price-gouging, or making a day-long trip in the elements ever enter into your thinking? The website usually has engaging material from the international world featured on a daily "quiz." Take a look at the quiz from June 22nd , as it especially puts perspective on the ways in which water is handled across the world: What "good" can be found when people are waging war over one of the most plentiful resources found on Earth? What "good" can be shown by those