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Learning about Advocacy and Publication

This letter is now a few days tardy - but, I am publishing it here. I am committed to learning how to better advocate for causes connected toward advancing the Good for the All! And, I am learning and gathering perspective already as a Carl Wilken's Fellow. Four days ago I wrote the following letter for local news publication with the Daily Oklahoman. I submitted too close to the date for the State of the Union address by President Barack Obama, two days ago, as a result, my letter did not get published. While the State of the Union is now two days in the past - I thought I would share the letter I sent as testimony to learning how to advocate and publish in Op-Ed or Editioral pages of local or national newspapers. Here is what I wrote: Partial previews of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union have been released, reporting that he will appeal specifically to the middle-class alongside issues involving health-care, war, and global terror. With his speech scheduled on I

Progress near home! Y.E.S!

SNU's taking serious initiative to Go Green! Thanks to those who have lead the charge on this - especially in years past! (We know who you are!) Toward eupan! ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.