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Fall 2010 - Politics and Peacemaking - Advocacy Training

Fall 2010 seems a long way off - but we are making plans that advance the good for the all! Details will be forthcoming - but Derek Sparks - who currently works for Congresswoman Mary Fallin (she is currently campaigning for OK Governor) - will be working with us toward a Fall Education and Training event on making our political advocacy toward peace more effective. Derek has had extensive experience with foreign affairs and human rights issues in Senator Tom Coburn’s office on Capitol Hill. His postgraduate work at the University of St Andrews in Scotland centered on Middle East and Central Asian Security Studies. Not only does he have this background academically and experientially - I found him a delightful conversationalist who could talk easily and with credibility about a variety of issues on the international scene. He has a particular interest in human rights issues and their impact upon international security. More details to follow as we learn more about how we can ma

BlessedEarth Simulcast - Wednesday 4/21/2010

Remember we'll be simulcasting the BlessedEarth event in the S.T. Religion Building on the Campus of Southern Nazarene University at 6:30 p.m. (1830 hours). (GPS Devices can be programmed to 4100 N. Peniel, Bethany, OK - and that will put you in sight range of the building with the clear label "S.T. Ludwig Religion Building.") Come as early as 6:00 p.m. for conversation and discussion. Toward eupan . ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

White House Statement on Elections in Sudan

Since we have been advocating in our partnership with GI-Net specifically about issues involving Sudan, I thought I would share the following news release from the White House Today: The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release April 20, 2010 Statement by the Press Secretary on Elections in Sudan The elections held recently in Sudan were an essential step in a process laid out by Sudan’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement. The United States notes the initial assessment of independent electoral observers that Sudan’s elections did not meet international standards. Political rights and freedoms were circumscribed throughout the electoral process, there were reports of intimidation and threats of violence in South Sudan, ongoing conflict in Darfur did not permit an environment conducive to acceptable elections, and inadequacies in technical preparations for the vote resulted in serious irregularities. The United States regrets that Sudan’s National Elections Commissi

People Against Trafficking Humans

What a delight to have been at a University Event tonight sponsored by students it is my privilege to "advise" as *they* lead and shape the future of our world! I am and was so proud of Destry Howland, in particular, who (among many others) pulled together an event on the Campus of Southern Nazarene University highlighting the issue of human trafficking. Speakers at the event included persons from WRATH - Women Rallying Against Trafficking Humans and All Things New Campaign - both based locally in the OKC Metro. I certainly could list more here about the specific agencies and what they are doing - but I will let their websites address the important issues they are effectively addressing. My main goal tonight was to (1) add our Eupan Global Initiative voice to these worthy causes and to (2) praise Student LEADERS who are making a difference so that our world is better for all persons! Destry is pictured here in yellow and black - having raised her voice, we ackn

Eupan Supported or Sponsored Events - Next Two Wednesdays!

Toward learning and awareness toward eupan we support the fact that Oklahoma City University is hosting Ismael Baeh *this* week: A Long Way Gone: A Story of Redemption and Hope at the Petree Auditorium at the Kirkpatrick Fine Arts Center (N.W. 25th St and Blackwelder Ave - 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 14, 2010) Then, next week, on the Campus of Southern Nazarene University - Wednesday Night at 6:30 p.m. in the S.T. Ludwig Building - the Eupan Global Initiative is partner with BlessedEarth sponsoring a time to recognize Earth Day from the distinct framework of Christian testimony! (SNU is located at 6729 NW 39th Expressway, Bethany, OK - and a relevant GPS location for is 4100 N. Peniel, Bethany, OK.) The next two Wednesday Evenings - Events toward and for eupan ! ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

Adding Your Voice in Oklahoma to Sudan

For weeks and weeks there have been reports of a failed democratic process taking place in Sudan - the location where genocide has taken place, where Omar al-Bashir is up for election, though he has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity. In most recent news, former President Jimmy Carter has arrived in Sudan to help monitor the situation : Please consider adding your voice here in Oklahoma to the situations developing in Sudan: 1. Contact your Senators with the below message, feel free to make it personal: Senator Inhofe: Email or call him at (405) 608-4381 Senator Coburn: Email or call him at (405) 231-4941 Message (please feel free to personalize your message for greater impact): "As your constituent and as an American, I am deeply concerned about the current situation in Sudan. The benchmarks required by US Sudan policy for free and fair elections have not been met. Polling begins in only a few days and I feel that the vote will

Blessed Earth simulcast: a greater green good for all

I often joke with friends that my personal torture would consist of being forced to watch recyclable items be thrown away all day. That "green" motivation is in me - I've caught the bug, and I am proud to say that I have had the bug for some time now. For me, living a sustainable life is not only a series of physical actions that could be considered working towards a greater good for all, but rather it is a spiritual practice. Whether you identify with a faith tradition or not, practicing sustainability is a commitment towards re-shaping habits and attitudes. Blessed Earth is a faith-based partner in the quest for a greater green good for all. They, along with many other organizations such as Asbury Theological Seminary and Zondervan Publishing, will be hosting a live simulcast on April 21st that we, the Eupan Global Initiative, will be participating in. Below is some information taken from their website's simulcast FAQ and a video introducing the simulcast: ---