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One Meal - One Day

In an effort to extend  Eupan , I would like to encourage people in OKC to consider the One Meal One Day (OMOD) youth movement to end global hunger.  Compassion International and Lead 222 are partnering together to encourage teenagers to join together in an effort to dissolve hunger issues in this world.  OMOD is a very simple opportunity for students across OKC to partner in a worthwhile endeavor. More information can be accessed at .  The main goal is to encourage students to skip to OMOD. Ambitious students will recruit 30 other people to either sponsor them or join them in skipping the meal.  The $155 raised through sponsorships would feed a child for an entire year.  Students who are physically unable to skip the meal due to extracurricular activities or health concerns can still participate by bringing their lunch to school and still donating the $5. Youth directors, campus pastors and pastors should visit the website where they will find resources for