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Toward Eupan and the BP / Gulf Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Several Summer "other personal and other professional" projects have captured my time in the past 30 days or so. And, with some travel for many of our leaders in the Eupan Global Initiative , our "energy" has slowed for the summer. As that is the case, though, I am reminded today that we are just at 70 days since the Oil Spill erupted in the Gulf. Websites like this one are tracking various forms of "death" that have resulted - and this is to say nothing of the thousands of news and government and private industry reports that have come out in the past 70 days. And, this single website of course can not track the numerous forms of microscopic organisms - comprising various food chains in the Gulf's unique hydrosphere - that are dying or suffering. Our purpose in advancing eupan is not to castigate, point fingers, or lay blame on others - but to think about how we build and work toward a better future - that is genuinely good for all. In that re