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John Hay Jr. - Reflections on Freedom's Daily Cost

This post is copied with permission from John Hay, Jr.: Direct link by CLICKING HERE . FREEDOM'S DAILY COST A tribute to daily actions of ordinary citizens that promote American-style freedom GRATEFUL NOT GULLIBLE. I feel a deep gratitude for American-style freedom and for those who have thought, deliberated, lived and died to frame, preserve, and advance it. The fact that I feel, simultaneously, that certain domestic and international policies and actions are not in American freedom’s best interest does not negate my gratitude or reduce my sense of patriotism. Nor does it mean I write a blank check and cast a rubber-stamp vote for everything my government--in any of its three branches and myriad bureaus--does in the name and for the sake of America and freedom. It is one thing to be grateful and patriotic, it is another to be gullible and na├»ve. FREEDOM IS BIGGER. I try to keep in mind that freedom is bigger than any Presidential administrat