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Extending Food Resources

Jean-Marie Hill is a Hunger Justice Fellow – working with Bread for the World . She is also a resident of the OKC Metro and has been an advocate in advancing efforts in eupan . She is a bright example of one of the vibrant ways we network with partners in advocacy that extend the good for the all! After winning a selective fellowship with Bread for the World , Jean-Marie spent time this past summer in Washington DC. being equipped to lead advocacy efforts in OKC She worked with Capitol Hill policy makers, experienced organizers, and analysts to learn more about issues of hunger and poverty - in order to expand efforts at hunger awareness here in OKC. While in D.C., she worked to lobbying Congress and since returning to the OKC Metro - she has been working in community advocacy. Jean-Marie was on the campus of Southern Nazarene University this past week sharing great news with us - regarding advocacy work she has engaged locally - and nationally. Jean-Marie's advocacy was