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MLK on the Washington D.C. Mall

I was in Washington D.C. last year and passed by the location of the MLK Memorial under construction, though I did not see it finished. I was - and am - excited to see that they were giving MLK a "place" on The Mall next to other significant memorials! It is a historic issue that MLK stands permanently on The Mall when one considers that MLK (with others!!) challenged the powers of D.C. And now he is "enshrined" or "memorialized" there. I think it is fantastic that next to memorials built for Presidents - this Pastor has a place - no doubt because of his pervasive and powerful prophetic voice for Peace! That is fantastic. And yet - I am convinced Martin Luther King, Jr. would rather we extend his social, political, and economic advocacy - birthed from his religious discernment of justice and righteousness - than that we memorialize his "image." I am convinced that if we set MLK Jr. "in stone" - as he now stands, hands crossed,

MLK Jr. - more than "civil" rights

MLK Jr. was a person who inspired others, as much as he was inspired by others.  Though he was a charismatic, gifted, and intelligent speaker - his total ability came not from "him" - but from "them" - all of the many persons in many cities for whom MLK served as a mouth-piece for their common voice and their common struggle. In many ways, MLK's ability to lead emerged not so from who he was - but how he connected others.  The ability to connect and partner persons in a common cause - and one of non-violent integrity - is the mark of leadership strength. “ King constantly pointed out to those in the freedom movement that their refusal to respond in kind to the violence and terrorism of their opponents was increasing their own strength and unity. He reminded them and the world that their goal was not only the right to sit at the front of the bus or to vote, but to give birth to a new society based on more human values. In so doing, he not only empowe

Guantanamo Prison - Time Magazine Statistics

Much controversy hovers around the prison - not least of which for the deplorable torture reported in numerous contexts dating back to 2004, here cited in this single reference. The series of graphs in this image copied from the print version of Time Magazine - highlights some of the urgent continued problems of the prison, in terms of punishing a few (old, young, and without due process or evidence (!)). This unique place of incarceration reflects the worst precedent for the hope of extending the good for the all. Toward eupan ~ ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d. Posted via email from Eupan Global Initiative

Expanding Your Empathy

A great article on how the human brain is keyed to emotion - with these great lines: Our challenge is to enhance, fine-tune, and act upon our capacity for empathy. It's especially important to include people with whom we seem to share more differences than commonalities. I'm referring here to the level of empathy spoken about by religious leaders and prophets throughout history ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.") If we can live up to this challenge of extending our empathy beyond our immediate circumstances and self-interest we have a chance of achieving the so far elusive goal of creating an "Empathic Civilization". Link to the Article:  'Empathic Civilization': Our Brains Were Built For Feeling Each Other's Pain Toward eupan ~ ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d. Posted via email from Eupan Global Initiative

What is the Eupan Global Initiative?

In answer to the question, "What is the Eupan Global Initiative ?" We are an SA Group. We Share Awareness We Support Advocacy We engage Solidarity in Action. We research the best Scholarship to be Alert The Eupan Global Initiative is not a "membership" based group.  We don't have members - only interested, shared partners.  We do not have a mailing list - though we do have an email distribution list we have used, only on a few occasions. We do have persons who are more invested and involved than others - involving engagement with our events, or with other events where we partner in advocacy.  And, no doubt we have had shared partners over the years who have invested their efforts elsewhere, while we also get new invested partners that show up throughout each new year. We are not (at least currently) a 501(c)3 - not-for-profit charitable organization.  We have explored all the legal options toward this - but have not pursued it at this time. We are not