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Justice and Peace - For Sierra Leone & the World

Justice is a difficult thing to discern as it extends toward peace. The recent conviction of Charles Taylor - of Sierra Leone - certainly does hold him accountable for crime!  Good! But, it does not immediately or simply "bring peace" to those whose lives are now gone - nor to those whose lives remain fractured because of his crime and all too many complicit with his crimes! As we celebrate persons being held accountable to crime, I note that we also need to work toward a world where persons and cultures are framed such that this kind of atrocity can not develop and emerge.  We need to work toward a world where the kinds of persons who would perpetrate this kind of violence are constrained and restrained earlier, better, and in patterns of a just peace that is generative and hopeful and reformative of culture and life! We are glad to have shared advocacy in these issues through past activities sponsored by the Eupan Global Initiative ! Toward eupan . ~ marty alan mich

More Problems for Syria

As I am sure you know, Syria has been been a particularly hot place over the last year. The people of Syria have paid a heavy price, losing thousands of their loved ones. The cease-fire negotiated by Kofi Annan was supposed to bring the Bashar al-Assad's people to the table with the rebel forces, but talks never materialized. As with any situation involving violence against civilians we who are removed from the situation are presented with an oportunity to reflect on both the causes of such conlficts and ways to both avert them and stop them if they start. Here is a link to an NPR story about recent U.N. activity in the area. May we never forget the value of every human life and the pursuit of the Good for all!

Hoping for better news for Sudan

I am hoping for better news for Sudan But the prospects are not looking good right now. Very sad. Hoping for peace! Toward eupan ~ ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d. Posted via email from Eupan Global Initiative

April Advocacy in Genocide Intervention!

Eupan Global Initiative connection with Oklahoma's One Million Bones Contribution !!! We'll be hosting a BONE crafting art-collaboration event on the campus of Southern Nazarene University at the SNU Commons (centrally located on campus) - on Monday April 16th and again, Tuesday April 17th.  ( Directions to SNU ) The event will target SNU learners, faculty and staff  from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. - AND any outside person or group is welcome. The afternoon event, from 3:30 to 6:30 on the same days (April 16 & 17) is uniquely suited for any group of persons or individuals who wants to partner in an event for advocacy and shared activism toward the larger 2013 One Million Bones Project. Clay and paper-mache bone-making supplies will be provided. SHARE with any and all of your networks - for anyone - toward eupan - or in shared solidarity for religious reasons, or as a way to respond to something like the KONY2012 campaign. All bones will go on Public Display at th

Aung Suu Kyi - Election Day - Burma

My friend and fellow Rotary Peace Fellow, and professional international photojournalist - Richard Wainwright - was there on election day in Burma. He captured this image of Aung Suu Kyi, along with his own short report and many other great pictures. Toward eupan for Burma! ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d. Posted via email from Eupan Global Initiative

Toward Eupan in Burma!

Burma rejoices on a long-delayed day for democracy Aung San Suu Kyi has won a landmark election, now she faces the challenge of persuading the army to withdraw from politics Toward eupan ~ ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d. Posted via email from Eupan Global Initiative