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Contemplation & Introspection Needed for Moral Good

Ours is an age of distraction. The background to our lives is the white noise of inconsequential television programs, pompous pundits, shrill talkback callers, ten second news grabs, and the cult of celebrity. In this environment, the need for contemplation and some introspection becomes compelling; a time to stop and think; to make our way, guided by a moral compass, a bearing that divines our best instincts. From:  The Third Annual Manning Clark Lecture - "A Time for Reflection:Political Values in the Age of Distraction," delivered by the Hon Paul Keating at the National Library of Australia on Sunday 3 March 2002. A better world is possible.    May you find time in these days to contemplate your part in guiding & shaping the future of our world toward a goodness that can be more available for all.   Toward eupan ~ ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

Barriers to Positive Peace

I'm proud to be a Rotary Peace Fellow - and encourage people (especially recent University Graduates!) to consider the fellowship & scholarship opportunities provided by faithful Rotarians and Rotary International .  I can only say great things about the work of every Rotarian I have ever known!  (Here's a link on how to apply! ) It is a delight to be connected through Rotary Peace Fellowship work to world-recognized - culture-shaping persons - in this case, award winning photo-journalist, Richard Wainwright , who represents the quality & caliber of Rotary Peace Fellows. Rich just posted an extended photo-journalistic piece on his blog (separate from his published work world-wide) on "Barriers to a Positive Peace." I pull out to share this single image.  For me, there many ways to talk about this image.  The "David vs. Goliath" like imagery - except in reverse, culturally (?).  The Palestinian youth with sling shot in perfect swing for att