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Conference on Peacemaking & Reconciliation

I've had great educational & existential experiences at DUKE. I know many former students who feel the same about their program of studies at DUKE. The themes & rates of this conference are, in my opinion, great! The Ministry of Reconciliation in a Divided World The Center for Reconciliation Duke Divinity School June 2, 2014 to June 7, 2014   This program is intended for: Christians with a hunger to deepen their ministry in peacemaking, justice, and reconciliation Grass-roots ministers and Christians living and working among people who suffer or are marginalized Pastors with a desire for their congregations to become communities that live out alternatives to the destructive conflicts and social divisions that fragment our world College, university, and seminary faculty and administrators training young Christians to live in the way of the Kingdom Denominational

What is your peacemaking resolution for 2014?

I will be in Palestine, Jordan, and Israel in a few hours. Peace for this region of the world - and for our World - is on my mind. Here are Christian reflections from for reflection in 2014. Jesus is calling us to be Peacemakers, therefore Shalom House is asking you to think about how you can be a peacemaker this year. . . .  Shalom in its fullest definition is wholeness, delight, the way things are supposed to be. New Year’s resolutions are often about action and growth.  What will you do this year to bring shalom to your community, your city, and the world? How do you want to grow as a peacemaker this year?  Toward eupan ~ ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.