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Science shows that forgiveness can help us all.

This powerful 7 minute video from the Templeton Foundation is compelling. Toward eupan ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

Conversation with a Neighbor

We're new to our neighborhood (less than 6 months). I engaged in a brief conversation with a neighbor I've met one other time. Our conversation was very close to this: Me:  Hello Richard!  I see you've got your dogs again! Richard:  Yes!  A nice day for a walk.  You're clearly working on something here with all this lumber? Me:  [Explain my 2x4 and 1x4 wood project.] Richard:  Now tell me, what is it that you do again? Me:  My area of professional interest is in solving the most tragic problems of the world? Richard: Oh? Me:  Yes, I'm a University Professor and  I work to understand how and why people willingly engage in violence and specifically how religion plays a role in perpetuating that violence. Richard:  Well, I don't think we'll ever see and end to violence, what with the Islamic people and all that they do. Me:  I have to remain hopeful that we can change the world to become a better place.  I want that for my children and

What if ?

Excerpted from:   bethechange2012 blog . What would happen if one day we all suddenly started to feel fully empathetic with the victims of violence—and not just gun violence, or military violence, but also rape, domestic violence, violence against animals, violence against the forests and the waters of our planet? . . .   What if I, and other Americans like me, started to actively fight the conditioning that has made us believe that the healthiest, sanest response to ubiquitous violence is to turn our gaze away and keep moving? What if we began to lean in to the deep wellsprings of compassion and empathy that are our birthright as human beings, and act out of the power we find there?   What if instead of accepting the constant static of violence as a given of modern existence, we began to actively tune in to it, in order to serve—each one of us—as antennae capable of picking up the signal and disrupting it, transforming it from cacophony to an entirely different, new form of