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Putting an End to Bullying - and Increasing Self-Esteem!

We can do more to intervene to help others! Be an upstander by not standing-by as a bystander to hurt and harm. " Our findings are the first to show that the most tormented children -- those facing bullying several times a week -- can be helped by teaching bystanders to be more supportive . . . "   Many K-12 school efforts to reduce bullying have proven not very effective, leading educators to wonder what bullying prevention approach works best. A new study finds one anti-bullying program works extremely well. The study of more than 7,000 students in 77 elementary schools in Finland found that one program greatly benefited the mental health of sixth graders who were bullied the most, significantly improving their self-esteem and reducing their depression. Read more at Science Daily . Toward eupan ~ ~ marty alan michelson, ph.D.

Eradicating Human Dis-ease! It can be done.

Viruses, bacteria, and organisms are complex! Many that are "poisonous" to one species are in the food chain of another species. The Guinea Worm that has plagued millions of humans may never harm another human. Congratulations to the tireless efforts of many, and the leadership of President Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter. More news at this link and this excerpt: IT LOOKS like something out of a Gothic movie: a metre-long monster that emerges slowly through blistered human skin, its victim writhing in agony. No one is spared. It can creep out from between the toes of a child or from the belly of a pregnant woman. In the mid-1980s Dracunculus medinensis, the Guinea worm, as this horror is called, afflicted 3.5m people a year in 20 countries in Africa and Asia. But last year that number was down to just 22, all of them in Chad, Ethiopia, Mali and South Sudan. Dracunculiasis is thus poised to become the second human disease to be eradicated, after smallpox.  This bles