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Ecosystems are amazing

A reminder of the beauty, complexity and interdependent connections in Creation. Toward eupan ~ ~ marty

If I would have known . . .

After every major dislocation, accident, or argument in your life, haven't you wished, "If I would have known . . .,  I would have instead . . . "   If I would have known I'd fall off the ladder, I would have been more attentive to seek someone as a spotter. If I would have known my quick turn in traffic would lead to him hitting me, I would have not turned.  The examples are endless.  May persons, nations, powers, leaders, armies, civilians, and all people find the means NOW to say, "If we would have known the conflict would result in this . . . , we would have worked harder for better solutions that best served the well-being of all living beings." Toward eupan ~ ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.