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The War On Terror - should it terrorize us?

17 years. It's been 17 years since leaders in the United States of America started "The War On Terror." Do we live in a world now characterized by peace and kindness? When will this war end?   Where, precisely, is it being fought? What are the costs?  [  The $ price  , the loss of life and future debts , the reframed values.] Is it possible that if we had stewarded our funds and the lives of many people differently, that a different future could now be possible for our children? The Plough has a recent article that connects these ideas and the thinking of Martin Luther King, Jr. entitled: The Casualties of War .  "We live in a world where nuclear and biological weapons proliferate, where there are war refugees in unprecedented numbers and war profiteering in an unprecedented boom, and where far-flung and unaccountable violence begets insurgency across the globe and cynicism at home. These evils cannot be denied, and can tempt us to apathy or despair