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Hope for the Future - Christian Tradition

In the Christian Tradition - when the mother of Jesus is fully aware of her pregnancy, she sings a song.  Her song, recorded in the Bible in the  Gospel of Luke (Chapter 1),  celebrates more than just the arrival of Jesus.   Her song reflects the traditions of an older prayer in Scripture, from Hannah in 1 Samuel (Chapter 2) . Both songs celebrate more than the birth of a child. Each song celebrates the future hoped for reality of newness - and - reversals. Reversals where the poor and downtrodden are raised up. In a lovely 21st Century re-writing of the ideas found in these poems, Hillary Watson of Shalom Community Church in Ann Arbor, MI shared a wonderful poem found here. I'll share snippets of it here: Let me tell you the Good News:   There is Good News. That’s it:  goodness, somewhere, rushing toward us  in the place where future meets present tense.   Hope unwinds across the fragile world  and whispers its nightmares away.   There is a good day com