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9/11. Eighteen years later.

I didn't quite believe "the world had changed," as many claimed on 9/11/2001. In many ways, I still do not believe the world changed that day. In fact, if anything, 9/11 may have only reflected for us (Americans), back to us, and forward for us into our future, who we *already* were, not that we had changed. AND yet, I do believe *our responses* (as Americans) to the weaponization of airplanes on that day, striking at the "financial center" of America has demonstrated we shifted - though I believe it was a shift of magnitude in the same direction of who we already were.   We did not become different.   We only changed in the magnitude of our being more who we already were. It seems to me the Imperial Claims of American Dominance are now now more narrow, more violent, more acquisitive, more cash-strapped-cash-hungry, more belittling of races, religions, genders and cultures, and more war mongering than ever.   And, it does not bode well