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Parental Love & Care for All

I'm 48. My mom is 78. I'm "the baby" of the family, the last of four children. We were raised to take care of ourselves even as teenagers, making our own meals, getting jobs, and so forth.  When I moved out of my parents home to go to attend University when I was 18, for all intent and purposes, I've never been under my parents care since then. And yet, a person can never fully break free from the care of a loving parent. Today I shared with my mom that I was headed outside to spray and eradicate a developing wasps's nest on the eave of our house. My mom immediately stated:   "You be careful! You know! You're allergic to bee stings!" Ha! I laughed and told my mom! "Yes! Mom! I remember well and know I'm allergic to bee stings!"  [ I have had a prescription for an epinephrine pen in the past, as, the last time I was stung I ended up in the Emergency Room! ] What cracks me up about this - and which is a tender momen