Monday, February 1, 2010

Quaker (Friends) Activism in Washington D.C.

Advancing efforts toward eupan will be central to work I hope to achieve this week. This forthcoming weekend I will be working toward advocacy with the Genocide Intervention Network - but I will be traveling a few days "on my own" to build bridges and make connections with others while I am in D.C.

I will be lodging with an active group of advocating Quakers while in D.C.! A former student and trusted friend who works for Sojourners, made me aware of the William Penn House where I will lodge for a few nights - and have opportunity to share in programs and affiliations they offer! I am thrilled.

According to the William Penn House website: "We are a Quaker lodging and program center conveniently located near the US Capitol Building and historic Eastern Market. . . . The William Penn House seeks to promote peace and justice in all that we do so that visitors may become greater peacemakers when they leave our doors."

My lodging this weekend at the Hyatt - is literally within clear sight of (2 blooks) away from the U.S. Capitol Building. It is interesting to think about being that proximate to so many "seats" of "power."

** According to information provided in a documentary I watched about Washington D.C. earlier this week, I learned that the term "lobbyist" may have emerged when, Ulysses S. Grant would enjoy a cigar in the lobby of his favorite hotel, the Willard. While there, people would come to beseech his favor, so he would refer to them as the "lobbyist." (Upon review, I did learn that the term for lobbying was used prior to Grant's birth - so perhaps the term just became popularized in this way during his presidency.) I will visit The Willard while I am in town for historical perspective while I am there.

Toward eupan with Quaker-Friends, Genocide Advocates, and others that I will be privileged to meet and dialogue with.

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

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