Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christianity and The Good for the All


The Eupan Global Initiative is not a specifically Christian organization, though many persons who share partnership with us embrace Christian faith. 

Since I have been part of Christian faith communities for all of my life, it is important for me to think about how Christian faith shapes extended ideas about establishing the good for the all - and for bringing peace on earth. 

In the season of Christmas, persons in the West - and certainly in America - are caught up in the swirl of activities that come with what is so often perceived to be central to the season.  I am reminded of the the Nativity Scene - or the Creche that so many Christian persons use to decorate their home in this season.  From my perspective, for many, the Nativity Scene has become an object "to collect" more so than an object to call us toward world-peace-making in establishing the good for the all.  This is unfortunate because the Nativity scene itself, dates to the 13th Century, and to a Christian reformer (of sorts) who called Christian persons to a lifestyle of non-materialism and non-acquisitiveness.  (See more on St. Francis of Assisi and his view of the "Poor King" here.)

What is more urgent to me - though - is the actual persons who are "at" or "in" the Creche.  Magi represent foreigners, who are welcome with Jesus and Mary and Joseph.  Shepherds represent the common, even poor - non-stereotypically-religious-non-elite.  There are no "religious" "officials."  And, angels announce "Peace on Earth."

The Creche should be a reminder - perhaps the most important reminder to Christian persons - that peace on earth comes when all persons of any nation - and all persons of any "class" can be participants together in partnering for world peace.

As a Christian, Peace on Earth is always my hope - and the Nativity Scene reminds me that partnerships toward peace can include diverse groups of people.

Toward eupan.

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

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