Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Which is more violent?

Crucifying Jesus or indebtedness in quantities that are this excessive?

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  1. I find that using tools like this really help me to grasp large numbers like this. I just rounded the stimulus package to 700 billion but That’s 700 billion double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s. Which is enough cheeseburgers to feed me for 213 million years if I ate 3 cheeseburgers per meal, three meals a day! I do not understand how we feel that we are justified spending money that is going to come out of future generation's pockets, when we don't even know if this plan is going to work. It would take me about 200 million years to pay off the stimulus plan on my current income. Or if every US citizen (300 million) gave the government $4,000 dollars, but that would nullify the point of the stimulus plan.
    It is just crazy to me to think in large numbers like this.