Monday, April 13, 2009

We need better models - and need to be better models

I have returned from a week of teaching in Costa Rica - in the Cloud forest located in San Gerardo de Dota, a small community in the Talamanca mountains in the midst of a precious ecosystem.

One of many observations I came home with has to do with simple practices of "reduce, reuse, recycle."

We lack good models for reducing, reusing, and recycling. (And, particularly in Oklahoma, in my observation.)

While I was with undergraduate and graduate students, professors and parents who work in the midst of the laboratory environment in Costa Rica, I noted that they reuse and recycle - well, everything! From writing on pages across the entire line (ignoring those faded pink lines that leave white space) - to printing on the back side of every piece of paper - to composting all food and sorting through all tin, aluminum, cardboard, paper, and more - I came home with a model that I can pick up on whereby I might learn to practice better the issues of care and concern for my own, personal use, towards eupan.

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

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