Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Praise for Students!

If I were making a list of “Top Ten Most Distressing/Depressing Events to Study in the World” – Genocide would be on the list. (I wonder what else I would include in my Top Ten List. How about you? What are the Top Ten Most Distressing/Depressing Events in World Today?)

That being said, in our commitment to eupan, if I were to list a “Top Ten Most Encouraging/Exciting Events in the World” – Student Involvement and Student Initiative would be on the list! Really!

As a University Professor who has worked with college students for over a decade, I can testify to the incredible power of students who get motivated to act. Students – sometimes out of sheer determination and strength of will – apart from having money, resources, capital or even “all the information” – do more than those of us with more money, more resources, more capital and more information.

Hooray for student led initiatives!!

Here are a couple of links for student led initiatives that have effected and continue to effect eupan!




And, then, a whole other list of resources for people to get involved:


Toward eupan!

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

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  1. i love this idea! too many times, we either (A) refuse to get educated or (B) assume our action is ineffective---these are de-humanizing feelings. we must assume that good can be done in the wold, and that we can be a part of its cultivation.
    love it love it!
    brittany bolerjack