Monday, October 5, 2009

Eupan and Peace

I have been asked recently how eupan is different from any other "peace" movement.

I offer the following as a reflection.

First, in some fundamental ways we are not trying to do something "new" for the world.

Second, we recognize there are good "groups" out there doing many good things towards "peace" and reconciliation and justice.

Third, we are not trying to "do more" or "do better" than any other group that exists and we applaud all groups working toward peace/reconciliation.

Fourth, we certainly do want peace in the world, so, we bear resemblance with any "peace" movement.

Fifth, more than "justice" or "peace" - we want to see something that is more akin with uniting justice and peace. (Nicholas Wolterstorff authored Until Justice and Peace Embrace which has similar themes.) Peace can be viewed as "merely" the absence of war or violence. And we certainly hope for this, want this, and will work for this! But, we want more than only passive peace - where peace is seen as the absence of violence and oppression. We want to see active peace where the good is extended - charity exemplified - grace demonstrated and mercy lived out. We want not only the absence of violence, but the extension of good - good food, good resources, good neighbors, good environment, good, good, good,good . . . good for all!

So, eupan is about peace, but is also about *more* than just peace. It is about extending peace in totalizing ways.

Toward eupan.

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

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