Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Advocacy as an "Added Voice" toward Eupan

I am thrilled to share that friends and co-labourers committed toward advancing eupan have made a diligent effort to participate toward effecting justice - with success!

A few miles from where I sit in Bethany, for nearly two weeks - persons from around the country and several local friends and EGI advocates have been camping outside Dr. Tom Coburn's office in Oklahoma City in an effort to raise awareness about a bill he had placed a hold on.

My own part in this effort was small - sending a letter to Dr. Tom Coburn and offering food to those camping out  - but many persons, working together, adding their voice (! advocacy ! ) to the issue, have won a victory on this matter.

More here:  Dr. Coburn Says Yes!

What a privilege to be partner with others as each plays a different and unique role in extending the good for the all!

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

Posted via email from Eupan Global Initiative

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