Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moving ahead in advocacy

Several of us in Oklahoma City working toward eupan goals specifically connected to anti-genocide and awareness intervention,  met last week with Dr. Coburn's Field Rep. Craig Smith.  We had a delightful meeting with a very kind person who took the time to listen to our concerns and issues.

This coming Monday, March 29th, I (Marty) have meetings with Representative Mary Fallin's office  and separately with a representative in Senator Inhofe's office on Monday the 29th.

In our shared work toward advocacy and raising awareness, I am excited to report that as a result of last week's meeting with Senator Coburn's Field Rep - I have just today been called and invited me to a personal time with Senator Tom Coburn after a "town hall" presentation that Dr. Coburn will have on Wednesday the 31st. 

I have no illusion that I'll be the only invited personal to follow up with the personal meetings after the town hall meeting . . . but I did get a personal phone call and a personal invitation to be with Coburn.

I am thankful to the participation and assistance and training that has come for me out of the Carl Wilken's Fellowship - and thankful for lessons in diplomacy and advocacy that I am experiencing - and lessons that I want to share with all committed toward efforts that advance the good for the all!

If you are local in the OKC area and want to partner with me in the meetings I have planned - to the extent you are welcome from the perspective of the field reps, I welcome your shared participation and shared voice in adding your voice to our shared efforts -in this case, specifically about Genocide awareness in Sudan - but not forgetting Congo and Burma!  Please email me personally at either martymichelson@gmail.com or eupanglobal@gmail.com if you have interest in partnering with us in these issues.

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

Posted via email from Eupan Global Initiative

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