Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Senator Inhofe and Genocide Prevention - Today's Conversation

Brian ~
( Brian_Hackler@inhofe.senate.gov )

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today.  As I said to you personally, I know Senator Inhofe has long-standing vested commitments to what has been happening in Africa.  When you and I met on March 29th, our key conversation was with regard to issues in Sudan - specifically with concerns for the possible outbreak of violence surrounding April elections.

Today I am asking specifically that Senator Inhofe support the resolution introduced by Senators Feingold and Collins, Cocurrent Resolution 71.  (See attachments.)

Senator Inhofe is a key leader in setting a pattern for effective policy and legislation in Congress.  His leadership is key on the Senate Foreign Relations committee and his timely support of this resolution will set an example for other members of congress. 

As an Oklahoman who is concerned with how the United States works to effect peace in the world, I encourage Senator Inhofe to set an example for the Congress - and for the World - in supporting this legislation now. 

While I can only speak for myself in this personal email, I personally know many Oklahomans associated with the Eupan Global Initiative and Oklahoma STAND (Student Anti-Genocide Coalition) chapters on various high-school and colleges campuses in Oklahoma.  I will be inviting them to raise their voice on this issue - seeking Senator Inhofe's proactive leadership on this resolution, now. 

I am CCing several key leaders in Oklahoma who share advocacy interests on this issue.

Thank you, Brian.

I look forward to meeting with either or both of your colleagues in D.C. in September - Joel Starr and/or Sarah Klotz.  I have emailed Sarah about this in June and have recently followed up with her toward a specific time for September 10th.

Wishing you all the best today.

~ Marty

Marty Alan Michelson, Ph.D.
Mobile:  405.495.4488

Posted via email from Eupan Global Initiative

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