Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Travel, Oklahoma and the Power of People & Students!

I (Marty) had opportunity to travel this summer. It is always interesting to read and become aware of how Americans and America is perceived in other places. It is important, I think, to hear and discern what others say about who we are - not just as Americans, but as people. If we are truly going to advance the good for the all, we must discern who we are and how we are perceived - so that we can work to better advance hospitable and charitable relationships with persons we know - and larger people groups and nations, with whom we interact.

As can be imagined, Americans are perceived well - and not so well - in places in the world. I will not try to explain or justify the myriad issues involved in this blog entry.

Rather, I want to note that I am *now* back in Oklahoma - doing the tasks that come with my work, working with students, being with persons in faith-communities, and advocating for a better world.

I get opportunity in a few days to be back in Washington D.C. where I have appointments with the 2 Senators from Oklahoma and with my Congresswoman.

I am excited too - that right now I get the opportunity to introduce efforts toward eupan with new students who become the "new generation" of advocates who work for good! I just returned from an afternoon meeting - where a student (who is not in my classes) was talking about "not being a bystander" because his Psychology professor, Dr. Noel J. Jacobs, was talking about issues of advocacy and peace-making in his class on Contemporary Social Issues!

What a delight to be with young persons who can change and shape our world!

What a delight to work with other persons on college campuses, in faith communities, in cities, that are working toward positive change in our world.

I hope with other pastors that the arc of history bends toward justice!

For a great article about MLK and this idea - Click Here! The Arc of the Universe Is Long But It Bends Towards Justice!

To all who desire to make our world a better place - you are welcome to join "our" local efforts in the Eupan Global Initiative - as we partner with others in our world!

Email us at: eupanglobal@gmail.com

Toward eupan!

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.