Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Eupan Global Initiative as an SA Group

In several public and a few private events recently, I have been asked "What is the Eupan Global Initiative again?" 

Or, as one person asked, "You're an anti-Genocide group, right?"

So, this post is intended to clarify a few things.

The Eupan Global Initiative is not a "membership" based group.  We don't have members - only interested, shared partners.  We do not have a mailing list - though we do have an email distribution list we have used, only on a few occasions.

We do have persons who are more invested and involved than others - involving engagement with our events, or with other events where we partner in advocacy.  And, no doubt we have had shared partners over the years who have invested their efforts elsewhere, while we also get new invested partners that show up throughout each new year.

We are not (at least currently) a 501(c)3 - not-for-profit charitable organization.  We have explored all the legal options toward this - but have not pursued it at this time.
We are not (at least currently) a 501(c)4 - not-for-profit which allows for active lobby in politics.  Obviously we have explored this and not pursued it, either.
We are not an organization based out of any school or specific religion or creed.  Several of the early partners were (or are) connected with the Church of the Nazarene and I, Marty Michelson, am an ordained Elder in the church and a professor at a Nazarene University - but our partnerships are as broad and deep as various partners are connected and "networked" in various agencies or other groups.

  • Primarily we are an SA partnership.  (I don't think the SA term is popular - it is simply helping me to identify where I see the Eupan Global Initiative.)

By SA I mean that we are a Shared Awareness partnership - and - a Shared Advocacy partnership - and - a Solidarity in Action Partnership.

  • What does that mean - these SA Terms?

By using these terms I am trying to highlight that we are not a lobby based or faith based or non-profit "group" or business.  Rather, we partner in shared ways to help contribute to and raise awareness (education) and participation with (advocacy - literally - add-voice - adding our voice) in solidarity with deliberate actions.   We educate (make people aware).  We advocate.  We act. 

Not all persons in the Eupan Global Initiative will choose to act in the same ways or advocate in the same ways.  But, we are attempting to help be a conscious, deliberate, and attentive voice - particularly in the heart of Oklahoma and the OKC Metro to raise awareness about many issues.  That does not mean that all of our events or awareness takes place in Oklahoma!  Certainly we want to give focus here in Oklahoma - and highlight causes in Oklahoma - but it also means we broaden persons horizons to become informed about issues around the world.

One of our challenges - since our "good for the all" effort is so broad - would be that we might be "too diverse" or even "too diffuse" (and not effective) in the issues that we share in awareness, advocacy and action.  This is true.  We could be too diffuse. 

But, for now - our broad based awareness, advocacy and action is appropriate as we do all that we can, for any we can, in advancing the good for the all. 

In answer to the question, "What is the Eupan Global Initiative?"

  • We are an SA Group.
  • We Share Awareness
  • We Support Advocacy
  • We engage Solidarity in Action.
Toward eupan.

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

Posted via email from Eupan Global Initiative

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