Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize


Through the Eupan Global Initiative we add our voice to stories of struggle - opportunities for solidarity - and extended success in peacemaking.

Delighted to read that a story we featured with our 2010 public campaign to screen "Pray the Devil to Hell" is connected to the fact that Leymah Gbowee, featured in that film, is one of three women to have received the Nobel Peace Prize!

In Gbowee's Nobel acceptance speech, she voiced:

“In the past we were silent, but after being killed, raped, dehumanized, and infected with diseases, watching our children and families destroyed, war has taught us that the future lies in saying NO to violence and YES to peace! We will not relent until peace prevails. . . ."

Particularly for persons of Christian faith - but certainly for any faith - I recommend this supplement (non Nobel speech) from Gbowee available here, Gbowee notes:

"In almost 60 years, I’ve done nothing really great or to let my light shine. I don’t feel like I’ve done anything extraordinary but to take my little light and shine it in darkness."

"The US has resources but they lack activists. . . . it’s time we do collective peace building. It’s time that we do collective experience sharing. It’s time for us to stop the hypocrisy of sending money to Africa when there’s communities here that need that money more than anything.  It’s time for you Christians to stop getting on planes to Rwanda to teach children to read when down the street in Brooklyn, children cannot read."

Our part through EGI is small - sharing our voice - and yet this serves as a reminder that our efforts to share awareness and engage solidarity in action!

Toward eupan.

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

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