Tuesday, December 6, 2011

OKC Specific - With Focus on the Poor


Because changes like this affect *every* customer - - and many of those customers include the urban poor or public services and charitable services operating with limited budgets to help the poor - a change based on what is proposed will have major effect if something like this passes.  It seems worth noting that this issues shapes "the good for the all" which is at the heart of the Eupan Global Initiative.

The public is invited to participate in the hearings regarding whether OG&E is entitled to a rate hike. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission is scheduled to begin hearings on OG&E's request for a rate increase at 10:00 a.m., December 13, 2011, in Courtroom 301 on the third floor of the Jim Thorpe Building.

OG&E is seeking an annual increase of approximately $73 million "to recover increased business costs and electric infrastructure investments the Company has made since 2009".

The $73 million increase, as proposed, would raise a residential customer's bill by 6% when compared to current rates. More than 70,000 small business customers would receive an average 2% rate increase. For industrial rate classes, the average increase would range from 1% to 7%.

The hearing will be held each business day and continue until concluded. All interested parties may appear at the hearings to make public comments. After the hearing the Commission will issue its final order and any rate changes will become effective after the final decision is issued.

UNOFFICAL NOTE in ADDENDUMIt is my understanding that the CEO of OG&E makes 5.5 million per year.  Also, I have been told that the board of directors each make $100,000 a year, and if they stay on the board for ten years, they receive that sum for the rest of their lives.  Also note that industrial rates may not go up at all, while all individual accounts will go up if OG&E gets their way.

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~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

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