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Asylum Seeking In Australia

I have a friend in Australia who has been working with Asylum seekers for a number of years. I am terribly saddened to read this news from the NY Times today - perhaps as many as 14 refugees dead! - but I'm thankful to know agents of peace in the world who are trying to help in situations like this - on every continent in every place - working to make the world a better place! Toward eupan ~ ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d. Posted via email from Eupan Global Initiative

Peaceableness & Enemies

A friend, the Rev. John Franklin Hay, posted extended thoughts on peaceableness, gleaned from Wendell Berry. Click here to redirect to his entire post. A single line he quotes from Berry - is here: Peaceableness toward enemies is an idea that will, of course, continue to be denounced as impractical.  It has been too little tried by individuals, much less by nations. Toward eupan ~ ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

Seed of Violence - They're planted

Decisions to be violent emerge from ideas that have been "fertilized" by hate and hostility. In the same way that a seed that is well watered in good soil, springs forth to life - we could chose to "water" and "fertilize" seed of peace, instead of seeds of dissension!  We can make a difference in how we program and train and plan for peace! We can make a better future!  We can educate differently! We can shape generations in new ways! Ideas consistent with the ideals of the Eupan Global Initiative have been shared by Brian McLaren in this article, A Fertile Summer for Violence , that ends in this way: If we want to stop shootings in theaters and houses of worship, we'd better start paying attention to the seeds of hostility we're sowing in our theaters and houses of worship -- and in our political speeches, on our cable news shows, in our blogs (and comment sections), and even around our dinner tables. Toward eupan ~ ~ ma

News of Violence Troubles - the World can be Better

Everyday I read world news. Personally, I've been troubled by a willingness to focus alone on violence that is "close to home" while ignoring violence or threats of violence over-seas  - or by only choosing to find pathways of violence in response to violence. Everyday bombings and massacres like this one in Yemen, killing 45, wounding others , take place.  We should work as world citizens to stop this violence - to condemn it and work for peace. Too often military leaders plan for war in secret chambers - when we could be planning for peace in public ways!  I desperately hope these reports about U.S.-Israel plans with respect to Iran & Syria are incorrect. Meanwhile, though the shooter at a film theater in Aurora, CO just weeks ago was not immediately (or generally) referred to as a "terrorist" - within hours of a shooting in Wisconsin today, at a Sikh Temple , the labels are already being used.  (Note a great quote in the article, with immediate emotio