Sunday, August 5, 2012

News of Violence Troubles - the World can be Better

Everyday I read world news.

Personally, I've been troubled by a willingness to focus alone on violence that is "close to home" while ignoring violence or threats of violence over-seas  - or by only choosing to find pathways of violence in response to violence.

Everyday bombings and massacres like this one in Yemen, killing 45, wounding others, take place.  We should work as world citizens to stop this violence - to condemn it and work for peace.

Too often military leaders plan for war in secret chambers - when we could be planning for peace in public ways!  I desperately hope these reports about U.S.-Israel plans with respect to Iran & Syria are incorrect.

Meanwhile, though the shooter at a film theater in Aurora, CO just weeks ago was not immediately (or generally) referred to as a "terrorist" - within hours of a shooting in Wisconsin today, at a Sikh Temple, the labels are already being used.  (Note a great quote in the article, with immediate emotions that lead toward possibilities for forgiveness, characteristic of humble, faithful Sikh's I've met!  "The congregation's president was among the wounded, his nephew said.  And another man told the station, "Nobody's angry here. We're just confused. Was this a random act? Was this directed at us because of the way we look?")

We need to find ways to be concerned about violence everywhere - at home, in our communities, in our nation - and around the Globe.

We need more public peace - more peacemaking - more peacemakers. 

We need more stories of peace, bringers of peace, and politics of peace.

Toward eupan ~

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

Posted via email from Eupan Global Initiative

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