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OKC Metro - Interfaith Alliance

Persons in Oklahoma, please note for your calendar: The Interfaith Alliance Foundation of Oklahoma will hold its 11 th Annual Day of Reflection on Thursday, May 1, at 7:00 pm at the First Christian Church, 3700 N. Walker, OKC. The event coincides with the National Day of Prayer. The Interfaith event stresses the constructive contributions to society of diverse religious traditions in Oklahoma and America. This year's theme will be "Violence in Society: A Matter of Faith." "Too often, violence in the name of religion is common place, so we want to stress violence prevention in the name of religion," said Rev Jeff Hamilton, Legislative Chair of the Interfaith Alliance Foundation of Oklahoma. The keynote speaker for the event will be Janet L Peery, CEO, YWCA, Oklahoma City. Peery is well known for her leadership for the prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault. Jan's advocacy work has brought her numerous recognitions and awards, inclu

What will you create to make the world more awesome?

What will you create to make the world more awesome? Wherever you are in the world today . . . give the world reason to dance. Toward eupan ~ ~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

Another School "shooting" with knives

The most recent rampage in a school, this time with common steak knives, should cause us to reflect on the fact that "guns" are not the problem.  The weapon of violence is not the sole problem, the culture of violence and hatred is at the fore. I share here reflections from a thoughtful friend, in her words: Thinking about the stabbing today in Pittsburgh and the many other school shootings.  Many ask why does this happen. Why do kids snap?  It is absolutely sad to me how we treat one another especially those who are different than us. I understand worrying that our kids are being bullied. I do. I worry about that too.  But I think we also need to worry about whether our kids are the bully. And what I'm finding as I watch teens and listen to them is that far more often than we'd like to think, kids learn to be bullies at home. How we talk to our kids matter.  I was at a baseball game today and the opposing team was constantly mocking the pit