Thursday, April 10, 2014

Another School "shooting" with knives

The most recent rampage in a school, this time with common steak knives, should cause us to reflect on the fact that "guns" are not the problem.  The weapon of violence is not the sole problem, the culture of violence and hatred is at the fore.

I share here reflections from a thoughtful friend, in her words:

Thinking about the stabbing today in Pittsburgh and the many other school shootings. 

Many ask why does this happen. Why do kids snap? 

It is absolutely sad to me how we treat one another especially those who are different than us. I understand worrying that our kids are being bullied. I do. I worry about that too. 

But I think we also need to worry about whether our kids are the bully. And what I'm finding as I watch teens and listen to them is that far more often than we'd like to think, kids learn to be bullies at home. How we talk to our kids matter. 

I was at a baseball game today and the opposing team was constantly mocking the pitcher. And right there beside them were adults not only allowing such behavior and thus approving but no doubt are mockers themselves. Adults/parents, if we don't like how the young people of the world act, we need to check ourselves and ask what are they seeing and learning from us, the adults. 

What message do we give them? 
Do they see others as people to love and accept no matter what OR do they see others simply as objects to mock? 
How do we see others? 

What our kids learn is far more caught than taught. Our kids listen and watch. 

It matters little what we say. It matters more what we do.

Toward eupan ~

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

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