Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Practice of Peace - Making Peace Possible

I've been thinking recently about the term "practitioner."
  • The term is used for persons who have developed an expertise, as for Medical Doctors who are Medical practitioners.
  • And yet, the term is also used among Eastern Religions/Culture for persons who engage in certain practices as a routine in their life, for example, persons who are practitioners of yoga.
  • We don't commonly use the term "practitioner" for persons who are practicing for a sport (baseball, football, basketball, tennis, etc), though it is certainly true that persons practice the sport in order to develop their skill to perform on the playing field/court.

This week I'm spending some time with Rick Love and getting to know Peace Catalyst International while I'm at DUKE University's Center for Reconciliation.

For many years now I've used the label for myself as a Peacemaker.  I like the term and think it is important for many reasons.  We work to make peace.

I wonder, though, if the label of Peace Practitioner would be more helpful as we move to the future.

Our goal, after all, is to regularly practice peace.  And, as we practice the habits, and conversation, and lifestyle of practicing peace, we develop our skills, we reshape the routines of our lives, and we develop the expertise of bringing peace in our world.

Let's practice peace together.

Let's make peace possible.

Toward eupan ~

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

(Image credit - Hope for Peace and Justice, Dallas, TX)

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