Sunday, March 22, 2020

Christian Character from Former Students

Every once in a while I am privileged to engage with a *former* student that I don't see often.  [Nearly every one of my closest friends is a former student, many I engage monthly, though many I only hear from 1x per year or so, especially since I am not on Facebook.]

I am often optimistic for the future based on how my former students live and care and love.

This past week, as the virus SARS-CoV-2 and sickness COVID-19 has reshaped lives, I happened to be with a former student. This particular student was a ministry student, and (s)he regularly teaches children in a local church, though (s)he works in the Public Sector, for the State Government. 

It happens that I was in a State Government office this week where this former student is a Supervisor. It just so happened, too, that in the hours I was on-site, several new mandates came from the State with respect to social-distancing, customer care, and other issues of oversight.  I was able to "watch from a distance" as this former student gave instruction to their staff as new policies were rolling out "effective immediately" and without precedence.

The former student was kind, clear, gracious, informative, caring and even loving to their employees - and to customers.  S(he) was ministering to her employees and to customers. 

I was delightfully impressed and hope-filled to know that some people I know - and a few I have influenced - are using their places in society to make the world a better place, everyday! and during the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2.

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