Saturday, March 7, 2020

COVID-19 ( Coronavirus) & Global Climate Change

Virus and disease are natural parts of the living order.

It is sad to recognize that in the same decades that we have "mastered" vaccinations and thousands of people working in teams with Rotary or the Carter Foundation have eliminated Polio and the Guinea Worm, that "we" have given rise to a new virus in COVID-19.

While the science is not yet settled on *precisely* how and where the Cornavirus emerged, it seems clear it was from "wet" markets, where unclean animals were caged/sold in Wuhan, China.

It seems to me, no "single" person is to blame and instead, "we" as humans are to blame.  And in a few weeks, the spread of a "single" virus - microscopic - has killed thousands, infected hundreds of thousands, and  . . . if my sense is correct, will "live with us" "forever" and will kill millions.  (I predict over 150 million will die in the next few years.  It will spread to "everywhere" humans live.)

What will kill tens of thousands, at minimum - will do so quickly.  It's tragic.

On the not-so-quick side of the time-scale is the anthropogenic (human created) change in our climate over decades.   The scale of Global Climate change is BOTH microscopic and macroscopic - and the links I share to microplastics and the loss of the ice sheets are just two of thousands of examples!

It seems to me human hubris and human "growth" and human practices of exploitation continue nearly unabated - certainly across human species.

While human persons might give priority to our own sense of self - we are still inhabitants in Creation with all other living things.

I'm a realist by-in-large - already shared with my family that each of us, will, in due time, be infected with COVID-19 - though perhaps human ingenuity will find remediation methods or cures quickly, perhaps.

Even still, human ingenuity MUST turn to find ways to live more wholistically, carefully, attentively, and with kindness toward the lives of all living things.

Toward eupan ~

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.

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