What will this Great Disruption create

We are all discerning SARS-CoV-2 differently.

It seems "those" who "previously" leaned into dystopian futures and apocalyptic fear are reading this Great Disruption as fulfillment of their concerns.

Alongside that, those who hope for changes in a better situation for the world with Climate Change and care of one another and care of Creation are positing that this Great Disruption might be a "tipping point" that helps us toward a better future.

I'll cast my "vote" for the hope that in this Great Disruption we'll "see ourselves" better as agents of mutual care in the world.

I hope we'll discern our interconnection and our need to care for one another - no matter our creed, skin colour.

I hope we'll make a more equitable and caring and compassionate world with greater dignity for every job/occupation and for all children, for anyone aged, for widows, orphans, immigrants and those who are (or feel) far off.

I do hope.

I do hope this disruption will resort and resettle us to be better - with a better world for all.

We can work for this reality.

We can shape the future. 

We can make a difference.

Toward eupan ~

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.


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