Positive Peace

I'll be honest. 

The past years, at least for me, it's been hard to believe that peace can prevail. 

The categories of verbal strife that exist between persons, levels of discordant perspectives, and the egregious wealth disparities that exist make it difficult for me to believe we're getting better.

Blatant ignore-ance (ignoring) of ways to care for others with SARS-CoV-2 are truly hard for me to discern.

Noting that, I want to be a caretaker and advocate for peace - and a better world.

If you want to read more about actual metrics that mark issues of peace, let me refer you to the Institute for Economic and Peace - an agency I've been fortunate to work with as an Ambassador.

In the link I'll share they advocate for peace with these words:

Peace is the prerequisite for the survival of humanity in the 21st century. Without peace, it will not be possible to achieve the levels of trust, cooperation and inclusiveness necessary to solve these challenges, let alone empower international institutions and organisations necessary to address them. In the past, peace may have been the domain of the altruistic; but in the current interconnected and highly mobile global society it is clearly in everyone’s self-interest.

98 Page Positive Peace Report for 2022 !

Toward eupan ~

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d. 


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