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Travel, Oklahoma and the Power of People & Students!

I (Marty) had opportunity to travel this summer. It is always interesting to read and become aware of how Americans and America is perceived in other places. It is important, I think, to hear and discern what others say about who we are - not just as Americans, but as people. If we are truly going to advance the good for the all, we must discern who we are and how we are perceived - so that we can work to better advance hospitable and charitable relationships with persons we know - and larger people groups and nations, with whom we interact. As can be imagined, Americans are perceived well - and not so well - in places in the world. I will not try to explain or justify the myriad issues involved in this blog entry. Rather, I want to note that I am *now* back in Oklahoma - doing the tasks that come with my work, working with students, being with persons in faith-communities, and advocating for a better world. I get opportunity in a few days to be back in Washington D.C. where I

Save Darfur Coalition:

Save Darfur Coalition:

Senator Inhofe and Genocide Prevention - Today's Conversation

Brian ~ ( ) Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today.  As I said to you personally, I know Senator Inhofe has long-standing vested commitments to what has been happening in Africa.  When you and I met on March 29th, our key conversation was with regard to issues in Sudan - specifically with concerns for the possible outbreak of violence surrounding April elections. Today I am asking specifically that Senator Inhofe support the resolution introduced by Senators Feingold and Collins, Cocurrent Resolution 71.   (See attachments.) Senator Inhofe is a key leader in setting a pattern for effective policy and legislation in Congress.  His leadership is key on the Senate Foreign Relations committee and his timely support of this resolution will set an example for other members of congress.  As an Oklahoman who is concerned with how the United States works to effect peace in the world, I encourage Senator Inhofe to set an example for the Congress - an

Toward success in our shared advocacy with Genocide Intervention Network!

Huge news! After mountains of "behind the scenes" work, Senators Feingold and Collins have just introduced a Genocide Prevention resolution on the Senate floor. While our conflict-specific advocacy work has continued around Sudan and other areas of concern, our team has been working for months to secure bi-partisan co-sponsorship for this resolution. It's a crucial first step in our efforts to create long-term structural change in the United States's ability to prevent and stop genocide - next month, expect to see a bill in the house. Take a moment to celebrate this moment - thank you for everything you have done to move the ball forward on this issue. Stay tuned for more. - - - IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES Mr. FEINGOLD (for himself and Ms. COLLINS) submitted the following concur- rent resolution; CONCURRENT RESOLUTION Recognizing the United States national interest in helping to prevent and mitigate acts of genocide and other mass atrocities aga