Obviously not accurate, and yet, has a measure of truth.

I like this whimsical sign.

Obviously, we're *not* only in need of water and sun.  We need sleep, companionship, mental stimulation and so much.  And we're not houseplants!

And yet, I enjoy how this trivial sign is a reminder, too, that in some ways we really need few tangible things to have a good life.  And, also, we do need to manage our complex emotions.

Emotions that include anger, fear, sadness, grief are difficult.

My hope is that all persons can live in a world spurned 
on by more hopeful and loving emotions.

My hope is that all persons can live in a world characterized 
by less fractured and hurtful emotions.

Let's do more to share water, sun and care & compassion, one to another.

Toward eupan ~

~ marty alan michelson, ph.d.


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